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Let me explain why...

There are over 100 UK mortgage lenders in the market today, but they don’t all use the same agency when they do their credit search on you. Some use Experian, some Equifax, and others use TransUnion.

What CheckMyFile does is produces one credit report to show you the results of all 3. Below is an example of how the report looks.

We’re not saying you necessarily NEED all 3 different reports, but here is an interesting reason as to why you might want to.

Not all agencies pick up the same things, as you can see from the example above.

In real terms, let say 2 years ago you missed a payment on an account. TransUnion and Equifax picked it up, but Experian didn’t. This means that when we advise which lender you should apply with, we can use this to give you the best chance of being accepted for your new mortgage.

The details (the boring bit)

CheckMyFile is usually a paid service, but using the link below gives you a FREE 30 day trial. You’ll need to sign up to download your full report, but you able to cancel at anytime with in the 30 days.

Try it FREE for 30 days, then £14.99 a month - cancel anytime.

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