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What do you plan to do with your current property?
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Reason for remortgage?
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Is your new home to let out or live in?

Which of the following incomes do you recieve?

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How many full trading years do you have?
How long have you been with your current employer?
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Generate document list

For your first meeting you will need:

  • ID
  • Proof of residency
  • Latest annual mortgage statement
  • Your latest Tax Calculation and Tax Year Overview
  • Your last 2 years Tax Calculation and Tax Year Overview
  • Your last 3 years Tax Calculation and Tax Year Overview
  • Your latest years company accounts
  • Your latest 2 years company accounts
  • Your latest 3 years company accounts
  • Your latest 3 months (or 13 weeks) payslips
  • Your latest 12 months payslips
  • Your latest P60
  • Your last 4 quarterly bonus payslips
  • Your last 2 annual bonus payslips

Whats this?

When you come to apply, you will need:

  • 3 months latest bank statements
  • Estate agent market valuation of your property
  • Estate agent rental valuation of your property
  • Details of home improvements (planning permission if required, plans, costings)
  • Legal conformation of the settlement (from a solicitor)
  • Details of the property you are purchasing (if available)
  • Rental valuation for your new property
  • Current employment contract
  • P60 and last payslip for your previous employment
  • 3 months statements for all accounts which your deposit is being held
  • Gifted deposit letter (Template can be downloaded here)
  • Solicitor letter confirming the source of funds
  • Memo of sale from estate agent or solicitor
  • Awards letter confirming benefits
  • 6 months most recent bank statements to evidence other income
  • Letter confirming carers allowance
  • Letter confirming foster income
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